Family History


Two big names of the Austrian K&K monarchy have united in today’s lord of the castle: The family of Count Goëss, originally from Portugal, always held important political offices due to their close ties to the imperial family. An example of this is Johann Graf Goëss, who, as close advisor to Emperor Leopold I (1658 – 1705), negotiated the peace treaty for Constantinople. The emperor later sent his confidante, who had meanwhile held the cardinal dignity, to the Vatican to exercise the emperor’s right of veto in papal elections. Subsequently, three more Count Goëss became provincial governors of Carinthia.

The family of Count Enzenberg has found its place in the history of Austria through military activity. An example of this is Count Franz Enzenberg, godson and confidante of Empress Maria-Theresa, who in 1797, following clever negotiations with Napoleon Bonaparte, prevented the destruction and plundering of Carinthia.

The current owner of Tratzberg Castle

Ulrich Goëss-Enzenberg, who is himself a descendant of Empress Maria-Theresa through his grandmother, Countess Marie von Meran, studied business administration. In the fifth generation, he has inherited the extensive Tyrolean legacy from his mother’s brother, Georg Graf Enzenberg, and his wife Elisabeth, Princess Esterhazy. With his wife Katrin, Ulrich opened the “Sleeping Beauty” castle and ran it like a modern business enterprise. Today he lives with his family in the 1st generation permanently on Tratzberg.


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