Celebrate like a king



Dimensions: 130 qm

Number of people: about 70 persons

Price: € 400,-- (excl. VAT)

Please notice:

  • The chapel can only be rented in connection with an event or reception.

  • As the museum is open during the day, rental of the chapel is only possible upon request.

Included in the price:

  • Chapel with seating rows

  • Electricity: including the lighting of the castle inside and outside as well as the access road

  • Insurance

Calculated separately:

  • furniture and decoration

  • organizing and overseeing the event

  • staff costs

  • costs for final clean-up

  • upon request a guided tour through the castle is possible

  • commute from the parking place to the castle on our little train „Tratzberg-Express“

All our prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Subject to alterations.