Welcome to Tratzberg Castle!

This is how a visit goes:

We offer our visitors an audio guide in the form of an exciting audio play, actors play the roles of the castle’s inhabitants from the past and hear the tale of Tratzberg.
Children (from about 4 years old) explore the castle and enjoy a mystical fairytale audio tour.

Through the audio guide adults and children off ALL languages visit the castle together and do not have to split up into separate groups.

Tour Duration: 1 hour

Tip: Virtual Reality Experience!
In addition to our exciting audio tour, we advise you to choose the thrilling Virtual Reality time travel experience in 360°, which replaces the introductory film of our regular tour. It takes place at the same time and in the same room as the regular tour and offers our guests the unique sensation of reliving the construction of the castle as it took place 500 years ago. Children enjoy their own VR fairytale tour (recommended from approx. 6 years).

Offered languages for adult guidance: (incl. VR)
Offered languages for children's fairytale: (incl. VR)

Guided tours take place during the opening hours.

Frequently asked Questions:

          • Question: Can you also explore the castle unaccompanied?
          • Answer: unfortunately no, because the castle is not a traditional museum, but still original, furnished as it was in the 16th century. For this realistic feel to be preserved, we would like to forego barriers. This is the best way to convey the feeling of our time to our visitors.
          • Question: Why don't groups of 30 people go on a guided tour?
          • Answer: Because some rooms are small and we want to allow our visitors to see everything!
          • Question: Are photographs and videos allowed?
          • Answer: Yes, as long as it does not hinder the flow of the tour.
          • Question: Why do we have to wait during peak visit days?
          • Answer: Because we can start a guided tour every 10 minutes at most, with a maximum of 30 people, otherwise the groups jam in the rooms. It can then only be as fast as one group every 10 minutes; this, even if we had more cashiers.
          • Tip: Come on hot days, on these days it is nice and cool in our rooms and you have the castle almost exclusively for yourself!

Kids pay attention!

Anyone who pays careful attention during the tour will be able to effortlessly answer the tour quiz and win a prize. Our youngest visitors are looking for our funky castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse friend Adele!