Guided tours

Guided Tours for adults

Our inventive adventure tours, which take the visitors through Tratzberg’s 500-year-old history by means of an audio play are offered in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese.

  • Duration of the tour: 1 hour

  • The castle can only be visited in conjunction with a guide.

  • Basically in the castle film, photography and smoking is not permitted.

Notice for people with reduced mobility:

In almost every room there is an opportunity to sit. A total of 28 steps (with wide handrails). Wheelchairs must be carried over these stages.

Guided Tours for children

Our smaller guests experience a fairy-tale-like and exciting tour for children. They are meeting a real knight and are looking for our castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse lady Adele, who are getting into all kinds of mischief. In the end they are experiencing an exciting quiz and with some luck might even win a prize.

The children tour is offered in German, English, Italian and Dutch.

  • The children tour is recommended for kids of four years and older.

  • It is offered every day during regular opening hours. 

  • Reservation is only necessary for groups.


Dogs are not allowed.

But there is the possibility, to keep them safe outside the castle in our "special hotel for guest dogs for guest dogs" 


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