The Counts Goess & Enzenberg

„bound to two great families“

Two big names of the Austrian monarchy are combined in today’s owner of the castle. The Counts Goess originated from Portugal and always held important political appointments due to their strong tie to the emperors. One example is Johann Count Goess, who was a close advisor of Emperor Leopold I (1658 – 1705), and negotiated the terms of the peace treaty of Constantinople. When later on the Count had obtained the cardinalate, the Emperor sent him to the Vatican to exercise his right to veto at papal elections.
Later, three more Counts Goess became provincial governors of Carinthia.

The Counts Enzenberg found their place in Austrian history by playing an important part in military actions. One example for that would be Franz Count Enzenberg, godson and close confidant of Empress Maria-Theresia, who was able to prevent Carinthia from destruction and looting by Napoleon’s troops in 1797, after hard negotiations with Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

Today’s owner of Castle Tratzberg,

Ulrich Goess-Enzenberg, who descends from Empress Maria-Theresia through his grandmother, Countess Marie of Meran, studied business administration. He got the Tyrol heritage of his mother’s brother, Georg Count Enzenberg and his wife Elisabeth Princess Esterhazy, in fifth generation. Together with his wife Katrin Ulrich opened up the castle and woke it from its hundred-year-sleep; leading it like a contemporary business. Ulrich and his family are living in Castle Tratzberg in first generation.