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In our castle kiosk you will find souvenirs and gifts, books, T-shirts, toys from medieval times and wine from the Count Enzenberg’s family’s vineyards (South Tyrol: Manincor).

Publications about Tratzberg:

Reprinted in 2000
Author: Sighard Count Enzenberg

Content: Sighard Count Enzenberg, grandfather of today’s castle owner, dedicated his life to the research of Tratzberg’s history.
Decorated with numerous pictures he describes the history of Castle Tratzberg and its owners and expresses his deep connection with Tratzberg in very intimate words and poems.

Price: € 10.-- / Shipping and Handling extra.

Der Habsburger-Stammbaum auf Tratzberg in Tirol

Author: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz-Heinz von Hye

Content: On more than 180 pages Prof. Dr. von Hye is describing the unique monument of Austrian history, the 46-meter-long mural of the Habsburg family tree at Castle Tratzberg. Professor von Hye ascribed each of the 148 persons displayed in the picture their biographical data and notes. Professor von Hye started to work on this descriptive and extensive effort 30 years ago and published it in 2003.

Price: € 30.-- / Shipping and Handling extra.


Castle Guide

Published in the series „European Castles and Chateaus“, Magazine 4
Authors: Joachim Zeune, Roland Möller

Content: 94 pages give in-depth insights into the building history; and an extensive visual tour presents rooms and chambers. More than 100 colour pictures present the beauty of this unique architectural gem.

Price: € 10.-- / Shipping and Handling extra.


Play and Study CD-ROM (Online Vorschau)

„Experience and discover Castle Tratzberg and its time“

This play- and study-cd-rom includes colouring pages, crosswords, puzzles, raffles and multiple choice tests.
The Tratzberg Castle as well as the Gothic and Renaissance era are introduced in a playful way. The children get to know medieval life, armoury, costumes, family crests and the families they belong to. A true treasure trove for all kids who like to play at the computer!

Price: € 12.00.-- / Shipping and Handling extra.

Noble vines of the vineyard Manincor