Guided tours of Tratzberg Castle

Our beautiful Tratzberg Castle can only be visited by guided tour. This way we can ensure that we can present the rooms to you in their centuries-old original condition. Explore the famous Habsburg Hall or the impressive Queen’s Room with us and marvel at the intricate work and details. Perhaps you will also discover one of the many secret doors. Guided tours of the palace take place at regular intervals on open days.

Guided tours for adults

On our original guided tour you will explore some of the rooms of Tratzberg Castle in small groups. Using an audio guide, you will learn about the eventful past of each room in an entertaining and exciting way. The stories are told by none other than the historical owners themselves. You will be accompanied by one of our trained guides who will answer further questions and reveal one or two of the castle’s secrets.

The audio guide for adults is available in 9 languages and is included in the entrance fee. The audio guide can also be downloaded in advance onto your own smartphone via APP.

Supported languages: German, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese, Chinese

Guided tours for children

Our little guests have different needs than adults. That’s why we offer children from the age of 4 our exciting fairytale tour via audio guide. The programme takes place at the same time as the guided tours for adults, so that all children can stay with their parents. However, it is not the former castle residents who guide the children through the castle, but our little castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse friend Adele. I wonder what they’re up to? And with a little luck, you can win a prize in the Tratzi quiz!

The audio guide for children is available in 4 languages and is included in the admission price. Of course, this can also be used via your own smartphone using the APP.

Supported languages: German, English, Dutch, Italian

Additional offers for more experiences

Experience the history of our castle even more intensively with our optional 360° virtual reality introduction. Or go on a digital exploration tour of Tratzberg Castle and learn even more – even about rooms you can’t explore on a guided tour! We have put together the perfect offers for you:

More info about the guided tours

To ensure that you are well informed and that your stay with us is a real fairytale experience, we have summarised some important information about our castle tours:

  • Duration of the guided tours: approx. 1 hour
  • Group size: approx. 20-25 persons
  • Registration of groups: Necessary for groups of 20 persons or more!
  • Suitable for children from the age of 4
  • Unfortunately our castle is not barrier-free! (Unfortunately, the historical architectural style and the protection of historical monuments do not permit the installation of a lift).
  • The castle tour leads through some rooms on the ground floor and first floor (stair climbing required).
  • Unfortunately, dogs cannot be taken into the castle. (In the meantime, our animal visitors can make themselves comfortable in our “hour hotel for castle guest dogs”. Of course, the “hour hotel” is located in a shady place and is protected from rain). Exception: small dogs which are carried (ideally in a bag or rucksack) throughout the duration of the tour (one hour) may come along on request).

When is the best time to visit Tratzberg Castle?

In the summer months, Tratzberg Castle is a popular destination for culture enthusiasts, holiday guests and tour groups. It can happen that there are long waiting times. With the following tips you can make it to us without long waiting times:

  • Buy your ticket online in advance on our homepage! This will give you a fixed time slot at which you can take part in the next guided tour!
  • If possible, visit us on weekdays, as they are much less crowded than weekends!
  • Take part in our first or last guided tours of the day (starting at 10:00 and 16:00). Here you can usually also look forward to smaller groups!
  • If possible, visit us outside holiday periods!
  • On days with good weather you will enjoy far fewer visitors than on rainy days. Therefore, you should arrange your visit according to the weather!

Did you know ...

  • … that unfortunately not all rooms of Tratzberg Palace can be visited? This is because some rooms are simply empty and because other rooms are actually still occupied by the owner family, the Counts Goëss-Enzenberg, themselves today!
  • … why Tratzberg Castle cannot be explored on your own? We are proud to be able to display so many valuable exhibits based on more than 500 years of history in the castle. Because we want our guests to experience the past up close and personal, we deliberately refrain from installing artificial showcases or display cabinets. With us, you will experience everything in its original place, just as it was back then. What’s more, thanks to our guides you will learn even more exciting information!
  • … why does our castle have to remain closed during the winter months? It’s really quite simple: there is no heating and no modern double glazing in the castle. On the one hand, it would be very cold for our guests and employees, and on the other hand, we protect the historical building fabric from too many climatic fluctuations.