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Here we have put together a small selection of the most frequently asked questions and answered them for you. You can also find out everything about your visit to us here.


We look forward to welcoming you to our fairytale castle.

This is how a visit at Tratzberg Castle works:

We offer our visitors an audio tour in the form of an exciting radio play which is spoken by actors who slip into the roles of the castle residents from the past and tell about this time. Through the audio tour, adults and children experience the castle together and in ALL languages offered don’t have to go in separate groups.

Tour duration: 1 hour


Virtual Reality time travel – you shouldn’t miss it!

IN ADDITION to our exciting guided radio play, choose a sensational, unique virtual reality journey through time in 360 °. Our guests are whisked away to the year 1492 and watch the old castle burn down and the new castle come into being. A nocturnal flight over the romantically illuminated Renaissance jewel offers an unforgettable adventure that you won’t soon forget. This unique experience REPLACES THE HISTORICAL INTRODUCTION to our proven castle tour. This takes place at the same time and in the same room. Children enjoy their own virtual reality fairy tale tour and are not separated from their companion (recommended for ages 6 and up).

All languages ​​offered for adult guidance: (also VR)
All languages ​​offered for children’s fairy tale tours: (also VR)

Guided tours take place continuously during opening hours.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately no, because the castle is not a conventional museum, but still original, furnished and fully equipped from the 16th century. So that this private flair is preserved, we would like to largely dispense with barriers. This is the best way to convey the lifestyle of this time to our visitors.

Because some rooms are small and we want to enable our visitors to see everything!

Yes, as long as it doesn’t hinder the flow of leadership. We would also be happy if you share the pictures on social networks!

Because we can start with a tour of a maximum of 30 people every 15 minutes, otherwise the groups will accumulate in the rooms. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go any faster, even if we had more check ins!

Tip: come on hot days, it’s nice and cool here and you have the castle to yourself!

Attention children:

Those who take good care of the guided tour will easily be able to answer the quiz that follows and, with a little luck, win a prize. Our youngest visitors are looking for our funny castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse friend Adele in the castle!