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In our castle shop you will find souvenirs and gifts, books, T-shirts, children’s toys related to the age of knights and wine from the Count Enzenberg family (Manincor, South Tyrol).

Publications about Tratzberg

Sighard Count Enzenberg –

New edition in 2000

About the content: Count Sighard Enzenberg, grandfather of the current castle owner, as an art historian, has dedicated his life to researching Tratzberg. Richly illustrated, it describes the history of the castle and its owners comprehensively on 155 pages and expresses his close bond with Tratzberg in very personal words and poems.

Price: € 10 .– / plus Shipping

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz-Heinz von Hye – The Habsburg family tree on Tratzberg in Tyrol

About the content: On 180 pages, Prof. Dr. von Hye created the unique monument of Austrian history, the 46-meter-long Habsburg family tree at Tratzberg Castle. Prof. von Hye has assigned their biographical data and messages to each of the 148 people shown. In 2003, Prof. von Hye published the work he began over 30 years ago in a clear and richly illustrated manner.

Price: € 30.- / plus Shipping

Joachim Zeune, Roland Möller – Castle guide

About the content: On 94 pages, insights into the building history and a detailed tour through the rooms to be visited are given. Over 100 color photos illustrate the beauty of this unique architectural gem.

Price: € 10 / plus Shipping

Play and learning CD-Rom

“Experience and discover Tratzberg Castle and its time in a playful way”

This CD-ROM for games and learning extends from coloring pictures and pairs of pictures, to crossword puzzles and puzzles to quizzes and multiple choice questionnaires. In a playful way, children are brought closer to Tratzberg Castle, but also to the Gothic and Renaissance periods. You will become familiar with the way of life at that time, with weapons, costume history, coats of arms and their families. A real treasure trove for all kids who like to play on the computer!

Here for the online preview!

Price: € 12 / plus Shipping


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