Day Tours

Adult Tour

We offer our original adventure tour, which accompanies visitors through the 500-year history of Tratzberg with an entertaining and exciting radio play, in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and Japanese (for Russian guests we are happy to provide a detailed, written script is available).

  • Duration of the tour: 1 hour
  • The castle tour is only possible as part of this tour.
  • As part of our guided tour, we optionally offer a completely new, exciting virtual reality show in which the visitor experiences “live” how the original castle was destroyed and the castle was built around 1500.
  • There is a general ban on smoking and consumption in the castle.
  • Pre-registration is only necessary for groups of 20 people or more (please contact us using the contact form). However, online booking is recommended to avoid waiting times.

Note for disabled people:

There is seating in almost every room. We have to point out, however, that the stairwell in the castle is not barrier-free due to the Gothic construction (there is no elevator for reasons of monument protection). Pulling a light wheelchair up the 28 steps (with handrail) to the first floor is basically possible, although our employees are unfortunately not allowed to transport people for reasons of liability. However, if you have a strong friend or family member with you, the stairwell should be manageable.


Kids Tour

Our little guests experience an exciting fairy tale tour by audio guide – at the same time as their parents. You meet a real knight and you are looking for our castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse friend Adele, who do all sorts of things. At the end there is an exciting quiz waiting for the children and with a little luck they will even win a prize.

We offer the children’s tour in German, English, Italian and Dutch.

  • We recommend the children’s tour from the age of approx. 4 years.
  • It takes place every day during regular opening hours.
  • Children discover the castle at the same time and thus together with their parents, but hear an exciting fairy tale version of the castle’s history.
  • Advance registration is only required for groups of 15 or more children.


ADD-ON: adventurous time travel through virtual reality glasses

Since 2019 we have been offering optionally and in addition to our exciting radio play tour a virtual reality journey through time with which we offer our visitors the unique adventure of being there, so to speak, “live” when the original castle burns down in 1492 and the new castle is built. You “fly” over the castle at night and enjoy unforgettable impressions and perspectives!

This unique experience only complements the introduction to our tried and tested castle tour and is therefore not a substitute.



Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed. However, there is the possibility of safely and carefully accommodating dogs outside the castle in our “hour hotel for castle guest dogs”. Of course, the “hour hotel” is in a shady place, is protected from rain and offers a mat and water.

Exception: Small dogs, which are carried continuously for the duration of the tour (one hour), are allowed on request.


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