We look forward to our little guests at Tratzberg Castle and therefore have a special offer for our youngest visitors.

Children’s tour

Our little guests experience a fairytale, exciting guided tour for children. They discover the castle together with their parents, but hear a particularly captivating and child-friendly fairy tale version of the castle’s history.

You meet a real knight and look in the rooms for our castle ghost Tratzi and his mouse friend Adele, who do all sorts of things. At the end there is an exciting quiz waiting for the children and with a little luck they will even win a prize.

We recommend the children’s tour from the age of approx. 4 years.

It takes place daily during the opening hours together with the “adult tour”.

Pre-registration is only required for groups of 15 or more children.

It’s your birthday soon? We have a suggestion for you HERE 🙂

Knight quiz

Come to us at Tratzberg Castle and experience the exciting guided tour for children! Then get your knight quiz – and if you have paid attention, you will definitely be able to answer the 12 questions very easily!

Hand in the questionnaire at the cash register or send it to Schloss Tratzberg, A-6200 Jenbach / Tirol, and with a little luck you might win a prize!

Tratzi and Adele Quiz for our youngest visitors

Our little guests have to take a particularly good look around the rooms of Tratzberg Castle, because our cheeky castle ghost Tratzi and his little mouse friend Adele often hid there.

Can you still remember afterwards what the two of them have been up to?

Get your “Tratzi and Adele Quiz”, fill it in correctly and either hand it in at the cash desk in the castle or send it to the address above!

With a little luck, you might win a prize, we will definitely keep our fingers crossed for you!

This is how it works:

All quiz sheets that we receive from you will be collected and a winner will be drawn at the end of the month.


You answered all questions correctly.
Your name and address are clearly legible on the questionnaire

With a bit of luck, you will receive a great surprise prize.

Schlossgeist Tratzi, his mouse friend Adele and the whole team from Schloss Tratzberg will keep their fingers crossed for you! And if it didn’t work out with the main prize – don’t be sad! Just come and visit us again and try your luck again! We look forward to you! 🙂


Children’s playground

The spacious children’s playground at the Schlosswirt, right next to the slow train station, is a highlight, especially for our little visitors, where they can let off steam before or after the castle tour.

And the best: Our playground is right next to the Schlosswirt!


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